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646,000 Self-reported injuries at work in 2012/13



In 2012/13 there were 175,000 self-reported injuries leading to over-7-day absence



The figure of 148 worker deaths in 2012/13 is 18% lower than the average for the past five years (181)

Welcome to the Safety First Aid Training’s First Aid Needs Assessment Calculator.


This calculator will help you to establish First Aid requirements in your workplace. The results can be used as guidance to help keep your workplace safe and combined with your Workplace Risk Assessment. In order to receive the most relevant guidance, please answer each question as accurately as possible.


Please complete a separate assessment for each site or area in your workplace. An example of a site is a warehouse, an office function or a building in a different location. If you have multiple sites or areas, you can complete this assessment as many times as you like. When the first site is complete, simply run the assessment again to gather new results for the next site.


The results generated are for guidance only. Please ensure you carry out a full First Aid Needs Assessment and Workplace Risk Assessment to fully understand your workplace requirements.


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First Aid Needs Assessment

How many sites/areas does your workplace have?


From your risk assessment, what degree of hazard is associated with your work activities?


How many employees do you have?


How many different shifts do you have on this site?


Please answer some questions about your workplace?

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Please state any illness or conditions that have previously occurred or you are aware of in your workplace?

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Would it take longer than 10 minutes for emergency services to get to your site?


How many fire assembly points do you have?

(?) Fire assembly points are designated evacuation zones workers must report to during a fire alarm evacuation.


How many employees are lone workers?

(?) A lone worker is an employee who performs work without supervision or in isolation from other workers. Staff may be exposed to risk because there is no-one to assist them in an emergency.

Have you carried out a risk assessment on your site and implemented the findings?


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