Health & Safety Law Poster – Make Sure You Are Compliant

 Health & Safety Law Poster new and old

Displaying the new Health & Safety law poster

If you employ someone, you will need to display the latest version of the Health & Safety Law Poster by 5th April 2014. Old Posters produced before 2009 will no longer be permitted and should be removed. The newer style replaces the old poster and contains up to date information, reflecting changes to Health & Safety Law. It is a mandatory requirement to either display the poster where it can be seen by all, or provide employees with printed Health & Safety Law Cards with the same contents.

Best practice is to place the Health & Safety Law Poster in communal areas where employees congregate or in building entrances where there is a high footfall. Aim to make the poster as visible as possible to all employees. Consider having multiple posters for larger sites.

Alternatively, if you choose to provide cards you will need to ensure every employee is given one.

What is on the Health & Safety Law poster?

The Health & Safety Law poster contains basic information on the obligations businesses must meet to comply with the law. The information will allow employees to decide who is responsible for health & safety. Areas that are covered include health & safety responsibility, training and information, first aid arrangements, reporting accidents and insurance for business.

Where can I get the poster?

Ensure you purchase a genuine copy of the Health & Safety Law poster. The poster incorporates a unique hologram and serial number. Health & Safety Law posters are produced by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). Copies should only be purchased from reputable sources. You can purchase the Health & Safety Law poster online here.

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