New First Aid Training has been Rolled Out

Gone are the days of HSE approved first aid training centres. The HSE no longer offer this approval process and have stepped away from having HSE-approved centres. As laid out in the revised guidance to the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations; in a bid to open up the marketplace and allow greater flexibility of choice, the HSE have set out new official routes that you should adhere to in order to get your first aid training.

Out with the old, in with the new – did you know about these changes?

The wording of the guidance that the HSE has released can make for some heavy reading! We have provided a brief summary to help you make sense of the changes.

Training centres are no longer HSE approved

The new official route for booking statutory first aid training is through a training centre accredited by an Awarding Organisation. The Awarding Organisation provides courses approved by Ofqual. Safety First Aid Training is delivering this type of course, known as QCF (Qualifications & Credit Framework). Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) is a level 2 QCF and First Aid at Work (FAW) is a level 3 QCF.

First aid course content

The learning outcomes and content on statutory first aid courses has not changed. For an Emergency First Aid at Work course the method of assessment is still ongoing practicals but there are now multiple choice questions and answers. For the First Aid at Work course there is no longer a final assessment by an independent assessor. This is now in the format of ongoing practical assessments and multiple choice questions and answers.

First aid certificate expiry

When your certificate has expired, it really has expired. As soon as the expiry date has passed you are no longer deemed to be a first aider.

There is no longer a grace period after your first aid certificate expires

You will have 28 days after the expiry date to sit a First Aid at Work Re-qualification course (2 day). After this period you will have to sit the full First Aid at Work (3 day) course again. When successfully completing a QCF course, the new certificate supersedes previous certificates. The new expiry date is calculated from the final day of the course.

Keep a record of when your first aiders’ certificates expire. Safety First Aid Training will remind you when your certificate is due to expire.

Upgrade your certificate

It is possible to upgrade your certificate from a level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work to a level 3 First Aid at Work as long as it is within 10 weeks from completing level 2. Safety First Aid Training can upgrade your certificate. Call one of our Training Experts for more information on 020 8203 7447.

What do learners need to bring

You will need bags of enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and comfortable clothes! We make the courses engaging and relaxed, whilst adhering to the quality assurance and standards required to uphold our status. Each learner will need to prove they are who they say they are, so some form of photo identification is required.

Policies and procedures

For some learners the standard method of assessment may not be appropriate. In this instance, Safety First Aid Training can apply for a reasonable adjustment on the behalf of the learner.

Special consideration requests can also be made on a learners behalf. For example, on the day of assessment, if the learner is unwell, has a temporary illness or injury, a special consideration request can be made. Special consideration requests should not result in an unfair advantage over other learners.

If you book with Safety First Aid Training, you are safe in the knowledge that you will be receiving the best quality standard of training. You do not need to complete due-diligence on us. You would need to do this if the training provider was unregulated. We are fully regulated and compliant.

Follow this link to read the new Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations and guidance from the HSE.


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