First Aid Courses Can Now be Split Over Non-Consecutive Days

Safety First Aid Training is committed to help meet the requirements of each individual onsite booking. This includes where there is a need for carrying out a course on non-consecutive days. Consecutive training days for an organisation may be difficult to organise, and taking individuals out of work on consecutive days may not be feasible, especially when the course is 3 days in duration. We do however recommend that you try to commit to the training days to be as close to each other as possible, so that the learner can gain the most from their experience by having the knowledge fresh in their mind from the previous session. This is why we generally set up the course on consecutive days where possible.

However, Safety First Aid Training acknowledges the difficulties and time pressures in the working environment and offers the option to split up a course. For all our first aid courses over 1 day, we have the option to come to your site on non-consecutive days, offering you greater flexibility and a higher likelihood that you can organise your learners to attend. We are also able to arrange weekend courses at your premises.

If you would like to take advantage of our flexible approach to booking a course, call one of our Training Experts today on 020 8203 7447 and we will be able to explain some of the options to you.

Remember to keep all your first aiders’ certificates and their skills up to date.