What Can Being a Volunteer First Aider Do for You?


First Aid VolunteerDid you know that more than 14,000 people die each year in the UK as a result of an accident? (RoSPA)

As a first aider on the scene of an accident, your training could save lives. But becoming a first aider is also brilliant for your own personal development too.

Life skills

Learning basic first aid techniques equips you with an important life skill by improving your knowledge of what to do in an emergency situation at home, in the workplace or out in public. Until emergency services arrive at the scene, your actions could be the difference between life and death for a family member, friend, colleague or stranger. As a qualified first aid volunteer you will become a highly valuable
resource to the people surrounding you in all areas of your life – your community, workplace, sports club
and many more.

Reduce risks

By becoming first aid trained you can help to reduce the number of accidents or incidents that occur. In general, trained first aiders become more aware of risks and dangers surrounding them. This means they are more likely to report something that is a risk before it actually causes an accident. Therefore, first aid volunteers reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring as well as providing first aid in the instance that it does occur.

Team work

Learning first aid can further develop your team-working skills and, when attending a training course with a group of colleagues, can help bring you closer together. Training situations often involve working together with your fellow training delegates to solve first aid issues, whether they are colleagues or people you haven’t met before. The need for close cooperation and clear communication can help you develop the skills and confidence to excel in other team-based scenarios.

Enhance your CV

Being a first aid volunteer provides you with expertise that will enhance your CV. The skills that you learn from being a first aider are transferable to many other skills needed in the workplace, such as staying calm in a stressful, high-pressure situation, working in a team, leadership, decision making, communication and empathising with colleagues.

Being a volunteer first aider can also open up a new career path for you – this could include becoming a first aid trainer or becoming the health and safety representative at your company.

Learning a new skill can help you to build up your self-confidence by taking on new challenges and furthering your knowledge and abilities, helping you improve both your personal and professional development.

A range of First Aid Training Courses are available including 3 day and 1 day courses, allowing you to officially qualify as a first aid volunteer.