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CPR or Resusitation being performed during a first aid training course.Welcome to Safety First Aid Training

A leading authority in the provision of first aid training.


Our training team's expertise speaks for itself. Highly qualified and with extensive hands-on experience, each trainer is a specialist in their field and brings a real life dimension to a delegate's learning.


Our exceptional value ensures you can save up to 56% compared to other training providers.


We have a 99% pass rate and we are the only first aid training company to have a unique guarantee pass scheme.

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All our open courses can be booked online. In just a few simple steps, places can be booked for one or more delegates as well as being able to book places on more than one course or date. To book online now click here

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Why all businesses need training in first aid

Here at Safety First Aid Training, we're dedicated to helping businesses undergo training in first aid that meets their particular requirements. We can offer first aid classes to suit everyone, offering comprehensive training that will leave all employees fully equipped to deal with any accidents that could happen.

We're an authority in the field of at-work first aid courses and can provide first aid classes to businesses of all sizes and genres, and with us you can be sure that you're in good hands. We offer training in-line with the Health and Safety Executive's official route stipulated in Regulation and have been trusted by numerous high profile organisations to provide comprehensive training, and you can be one of them.

Better yet, we offer great prices on all of our at-work first aid courses too. We offer exceptional value and you could easily find yourself saving as much as 56% when compared to providers of a similar nature, so if you need first aid at work training at a price you can afford make sure to check us out.

We have the option of both scheduled courses at one of our centres in London, or if you prefer we can come to you for the complete course experience. We'll be able to meet all of your first aid requirements, so call one of our representatives and book your first aid classes today.
If you need to find comprehensive first aid at work training to bring your employees up to speed and to meet your legal requirements, make sure to come to us here at Safety First Aid Training and see what we can do.
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