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163-Accident, Injuries and Work-related Health (Health and Safety Level 3), 142-Accidents Including Slips, Trips and Falls (Health and Safety Level 2), 439-An Awareness of Spectator Safety, 440-An Awareness of Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events, 441-An Awareness of Warehousing and Storage, 357-Anaphylaxis and Autoinjectors, 381-Asbestos Awareness, 380-Basic life support and safe use of an automated external defibrillator (AED), 336-Care Certificate, 348-Care Certificate – Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability, 351-Care Certificate – Basic Life Support, 345-Care Certificate – Communication, 342-Care Certificate – Duty of Care, 343-Care Certificate – Equality and Diversity, 347-Care Certificate – Fluids and Nutrition, 353-Care Certificate – Handling Information, 352-Care Certificate – Health and Safety, 354-Care Certificate – Infection Prevention and Control, 346-Care Certificate – Privacy and Dignity, 349-Care Certificate – Safeguarding Adults, 350-Care Certificate – Safeguarding Children, 324-Care Certificate – Understand Your Role, 344-Care Certificate – Work in a Person-Centred Way, 341-Care Certificate – Your Personal Development, 193-Cleaning and disinfection (Food Safety Level 2), 201-Cleaning and Disinfection (Food Safety Level 3), 248-Communication, 197-Contamination Hazards and Control (Food Safety Level 3), 188-Contamination hazards and controls (Food Safety Level 2), 204-Control Measures (Food Safety Level 3), 467-COVID-19, 116-Customer Service Level 2, 56-Demo Courses, 200-Design of Food Premises and Equipment (Food Safety Level 3), 377-Display Screen Equipment, 317-Emergency First Aid at Work, 262-Equality and Diversity, 170-Ergonomics, Manual Handling and Display Screen Equipment (Health and Safety Level 3), 146-Fire (Health and Safety Level 2), 169-Fire Safety (Health and Safety Level 3), 97-Fire Safety Level 2, 147-First Aid (Health and Safety Level 2), 305-First Aid at Work, 192-Food pests and control (Food Safety Level 2), 198-Food Poisoning (Food Safety Level 3), 187-Food poisoning and its control (Food Safety Level 2), 191-Food premises and equipment (Food Safety Level 2), 194-Food safety enforcement (Food Safety Level 2), 470-Food Safety in Manufacturing Level 2, 206-Food Safety Legislation and Enforcement (Food Safety Level 3), 112-Food Safety Level 1, 285-Food Safety Level 2, 113-Food Safety Level 3, 309-General Data Protection Regulation, 189-HACCP from delivery to service (Food Safety Level 2), 166-Hazardous Substances (Health and Safety Level 3), 149-Hazardous Substances COSHH (Health and Safety Level 2), 114-Health and Safety Level 1, 122-Health and Safety Level 2, 109-Health and Safety Level 3, 388-Highfield Introduction to Environmental Awareness, 468-Infection prevention and control (including COVID-19), 382-Introduction to Allergens, 337-Introduction to Fire Safety in the Workplace, 185-Introduction to food safety (Food Safety Level 2), 195-Introduction to Food Safety (Food Safety Level 3), 318-Introduction to Fraud and Fraud Prevention, 162-Introduction to Health and Safety (Health and Safety Level 3), 306-Introduction to the Bribery Act, 356-Introduction to the Prevention of Money Laundering, 164-Legal Aspects of Health and Safety (Health and Safety Level 3), 141-Legal Responsibilities (Health and Safety Level 2), 86-Level 2 Spectator Safety, 87-Level 2 Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events, 236-Managing Conflict, 409-Manual Handling, 148-Manual Handling (Health and Safety Level 2), 171-Measuring and Monitoring Performance (Health and Safety Level 3), 186-Microbiological hazards (Food Safety Level 2), 196-Microbiology (Food Safety Level 3), 321-Paediatric First Aid, 190-Personal hygiene (Food Safety Level 2), 199-Personal Hygiene (Food Safety Level 3), 104-Personal Licence Holders Level 2, 202-Pest Control (Food Safety Level 3), 434-Principles of Fire Safety Awareness (Level 1), 143-Risk Assessment (Health and Safety Level 2), 165-Risk Assessment (Health and Safety Level 3), 310-Safeguarding Children, 117-Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders, 265-Self-Awareness and Personal Development, 319-Stress Management, 205-Supervisory Management (Food Safety Level 3), 263-Team Working, 172-The Role of Line Managers and Supervisors (Health and Safety Level 3), 167-The Workplace (Health and Safety Level 3), 168-Using Equipment Safely (Health and Safety Level 3), 96-Warehousing and Storage Level 2, 145-Work Equipment (Health and Safety Level 2), 144-Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare (Health and Safety Level 2)